Other Treatments

Our surgeons at LaserVision Victoria are skilled in laser vision correction, as well as other forms of refractive surgery.  In addition to our refractive procedures, we also perform many other treatments for corneal conditions, such as Corneal Collagen Crosslinking to treat those with progressive Keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration and other forms of corneal ectasia. Phototherapeutic Keratectomies (PTK) is performed to treat a variety of diseases of the cornea (such as scarring and recurrent erosions), rather than to correct a refractive error . Cataract surgery both conventional and Laser-assisted techniques are also offered.  Learn more about these procedures below.

  • PTK

    PTK (phototherapeutic keratectomy) is a procedure which is generally performed to treat a variety of diseases of the cornea, rather than to correct refractive error. PTK can be used to treat superficial scars, corneal degenerations, dystrophies and corneal irregularities and […]

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  • Cataract

    Cataracts are the inevitable result of the ageing process affecting the lens inside your eye.  Generally, when we reach our mid to late-forties, we recognize this ageing process as an increasing need for reading glasses. This process is called presbyopia […]

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  • Corneal Collagen Crosslinking

    Corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) is used to prevent the progression of eye conditions such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration and other forms of corneal ectasia. Cross-linking is a procedure which is intended to strengthen the connections (chemical bonds) between collagen […]

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  • FLAK

    Femtosecond Laser Arcuate Keratotomy is a treatment performed to reduce astigmatism. This is achieved using the LenSx femtosecond laser to precisely create curved incisions in the periphery of the cornea. FLAK can be performed in combination with refractive lens exchange or […]

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